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Plans & Zoning

While we provide a wide range of planning capabilities, our principal focus is on land use planning, and emergency management planning. We have extensive experience with the Coastal Area Management Act (CAMA) requirements for the 20 North Carolina counties subject to these regulations. Our team also has appreciable experience with the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Planning requirements and ensuring communities reach the maximum points possible for the Community Rating System.

Zoning can be a complicated issue for both local governments and developers. Our team has over 80 combined years of experience in zoning regulations. Whether you are a local government in need of code updates, ready to enact zoning, or need services to enforce existing zoning codes, we have the experienced staff to assist you. We can also help developers streamline the development review process and get your next site's zoning approval.

Take a look through a sample of some of our planning & zoning projects below for more detail on what we can do for you! 

CAMA Land Use Plans

Plans & Zoning
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