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Redevelopment Plans

Insight Planning & Development has experience in the creation of Redevelopment Plans which can help to revitalize a specific area of a community.

A redevelopment area is a geographic area targeted for redevelopment in accordance with the Urban Redevelopment Law (NCGS 160A, Article 22). To be eligible for designation as a redevelopment area, the specific area must be classified as blighted – meaning the growth of the area is impaired by the presence of dilapidated buildings or other unsafe conditions – or is in danger of becoming blighted. A redevelopment commission must be formed to exercise the powers granted under the Urban Redevelopment Law and its first order of business is to create a redevelopment plan. Once a redevelopment plan has been approved, the redevelopment commission may undertake redevelopment projects such as (1) acquisition of property, (2) clearance of areas by demolition, (3) Installation or construction of site improvements, (4) entering into contracts for construction, demolition, moving of structures, and repair work, (5) sale of real property through competitive bidding procedures, (6) carrying out programs of compulsory repair and rehabilitation, and (7) engaging in “programs of assistance and financing” for rehabilitation, repair, construction, acquisition, or reconditioning of residential units and commercial and industrial facilities.

If your community is in need of a Redevelopment Plan, contact us to help you create a plan that will revive those areas of need to the potential they hold!

Click on the project to more detail on our past redevelopment plans!

CAMA Land Use Plans

Town of Edenton North Oakum Street &

Mosely Street Redevelopment Plans

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