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Hyde County, NC
FY09 CDBG-Community Revitalization

Project Title

Hyde County, NC Lake Swamp Road Community Revitalization


Funding Year



Funding/Construction Amount


Funding Agency

North Carolina Division of Community Assistance

Project Description

The Hyde County FY2009 CDBG Community Revitalization Project addressed the housing needs of six houses on Lake Swamp Road in Engelhard, NC.  Two houses were rehabilitated, three houses were reconstructed, and one vacant house was demolished.  The project also involved the installation of a step pump sewer system extension.  Two of the homes included in the project were not connected to any septic system, including one with an operating outhouse.  


The project also included two houses that were damaged in Hurricane Irene in 2011 via an amendment.  One two-story house suffered severe flooding and was elevated.  Another house suffered catastrophic damage and was on the flooding side of the Swan Quarter dike.  Through a voluntary demolition agreement, the house was demolished, and the owner relocated to another lot outside the floodplain where a new house was constructed.

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