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Town of Windsor, NC
FY08 CDBG Community Revitalization

Project Title

Town of Windsor, NC CDBG Community Revitalization


Funding Year



Funding/Construction Amount


Funding Agency

North Carolina Division of Community Assistance

Project Description

The Town of Windsor FY08 CDBG Community Revitalization Project addressed the housing needs of eight substandard homes on Granville Street and Bro Watson Lane in Windsor, NC.  Two houses were rehabilitated, four dilapidated homes acquired, and two vacant homes demolished.  The four acquisitions required relocation of the existing tenants, and all four tenants were relocated to standard rental housing in the area.  The project also removed the dilapidated tobacco warehouse across the street and cleared the lot for future use.  The site of the warehouse demolition is being considered for the new town utilities building, which Insight has helped secure some of the funding to help relocate from the floodplain and submitted an application for additional monies for this much needed project.


In addition, the CR project replaced both the water and sewer lines along Granville Street, which were over 60 years old and substandard.  New paving was put in place to supplement the sidewalk previously installed by DOT on Granville Street, a main corridor that serves downtown Windsor.  

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