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Town of Windsor, NC
Hurricane Matthew HMGP

Project Titles

Town of Windsor, NC Hurricane Matthew Hazard Mitigation Grant Program


Funding Year



Funding/Construction Amount


Funding Agency

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (75%),

NC Emergency Management (25%)

Project Description

The Town of Windsor’s Hurricane Matthew Hazard Mitigation Grant Program has mitigated 44 properties to date. Relocation assistance has been provided to 20 owners and tenants. The demolition of 33 properties that have suffered repetitive losses have been completed. Elevation assistance has also been completed on six properties. The elevated homes are mostly in or around the Windsor Historic District and the downtown area (which also flooded). Structure sizes range from 800 to 2,500 square feet, some with multiple stories. All project activities are scheduled to be successfully completed within grant period requirements.

Staff at Insight Planning & Development worked with the Town of Windsor and Bertie County to help identify units and apply for the funding as well as administer the federal grants with feasibility, work write-up, bid process, and construction management. These projects reduced flood insurance premiums for the elevation owners, as well as made the Town a much more resilient community after having suffered four major floods since 1999, including two back-to-back in 2016.

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