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Pamlico County, NC
HMGP-Irene & Irene Rescopement

Project Titles

Pamlico County, NC Hurricane Irene HMGP & Hurricane Irene HMGP Rescopement Projects


Funding Years



Funding/Construction Amount


Funding Agency

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (75%),

NC Emergency Management (25%)

Project Description

Pamlico County hired Appian Engineering and HCP (now Insight Planning and Development) to initiate their first county sponsored elevation projects for homes flooded in Hurricane Irene. Through the Hurricane Irene HMGP program, 46 homes were elevated to above the 2-foot freeboard established by the County after Hurricane Irene. Due to savings in the project, the County was able to elevate 4 additional homes through a Re-scopement Program.

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