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Hyde County, NC
FY2018 CDBG-Infrastructure

Project Title

Hyde County, NC CDBG Infrastructure Program,

Engelhard Sanitary District Force Main Extension Project


Funding Year



Funding/Construction Amount


Funding Agency

North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Water Infrastructure

Project Description

The Hyde County 2018 CDBG Infrastructure (CDBG-I) Program, Engelhard Sanitary District Force Main Extension project will provide a sanitary sewer system for an area in the Engelhard community of Hyde County, which is characterized by failing septic tanks.  Households residing in Hycienda Heights, Mattamuskeet Village Apartments, as well as six single-family dwellings in the project area will benefit from the following improvements:  extending the Engelhard Sanitary District’s existing 6-inch force main along Highway 264 approximately 3500 linear feet, installing a new 4-inch force main along Hycienda Heights Way, and installing on-site sewage pump systems to allow for proper sewage disposal.

Insight staff is assisting with administration of the program, addressing all compliance issues including required plans and policies, as well as file management, conducting the environmental review process to obtain release of funds, reporting requirements, labor standards documentation - including on-site wage interviews and payroll review - and coordination with the engineering consultant throughout the procurement, bidding, and contract award process.

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