Project Title

Town of Aberdeen, NC Comprehensive Land Development Plan


Year Completed


Funding Agency

Local Funds

Public Participation

Public meetings, open house meetings, project website, public hearing

Project Description

On December 12, 2005, the Town of Aberdeen adopted the 2030 Land Development Plan.  An update to the plan was adopted on February 9, 2009, as Appendix A to revise the Future Land Use Map, redefine the categories used, and cross reference them to the Zoning Code in place at that time.  Following adoption of the update, the 2010 Census was completed, and the Town's demographics shifted. 

The 2040 Comprehensive Land Development Plan was prepared in response to Aberdeen's changes to establish a direction for growth and stability in the future. The Plan will be used as the primary policy document to guide decisions related to growth, development practices, and capital investments. The planning process included an effective public engagement component, which helped to develop a Plan that provided strategies and preferred practices for development, and a roadmap for determining future land uses that considered infrastructure opportunities and constraints.

Town of Aberdeen
Comprehensive Land Development Plan